ISLE OF PALMS, SC. — A panel of soft wheat millers and merchants at the North American Millers’ Association spring conference forecast US 2022 soft red winter wheat production at 358,658,000 bus, down 2,031,000 bus, or 1%, from 360,689,000 bus in 2021. 

If the forecast is realized, soft red winter wheat production would be the third largest in the nine years since the recent high production of 568 million bus in 2013. 

Production was forecast to be lower in the Central and Mid-Atlantic states. Production was expected to be higher in the Midwest, Southeast, South, Delta states and the Southwest.

The panelists also forecast a soft white winter wheat crop at 236,560,000 bus, up 89,656,000, or 61%, from 146,904,000 bus in 2021.