MINNEAPOLIS – Yoplait turned to fruit and wine for inspiration while developing the newest flavors for Oui, the brand’s French style yogurt.

The new special batch is available in mango champagne and strawberry rosé, as well as a coconut dairy alternative version of the mango champagne.

The limited edition varieties are made with cane sugar, without any artificial flavoring or colors, with each 5 oz. serving – packaged in a small glass pot – including 150-160 calories. The dairy alternative flavor with a coconut base contains 9g of fat and 1g of protein, while the whole milk flavors have 6g of fat and 5g of protein.

Just like the regular line of flavors in Oui’s French style yogurts, inspired by Yoplait’s traditional French recipe, the small batch options are poured and set in glass pots. The brand shared that by using a select few simple ingredients, such as whole milk (in the two dairy flavors) and real fruit, and pouring the yogurt to set in a glass jar for eight hours, a thick and subtly sweet product is achieved.

Oui also recently introduced a couple of dessert flavors of its whole milk yogurt: creamy mocha and chocolate and creamy vanilla and chocolate.