NEW YORK — Toto Foods is partnering with TBH (To Be Honest) to introduce a double chocolate hazelnut cookie. The offering incorporates TBH (To Be Honest) cocoa hazelnut spread.

Vegan and gluten-free, the cookie is formulated with organic oats, pea protein, flax seeds, coconut sugar, maca and cordyceps. Each cookie has 10 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber.

Launched last year, TBH has three times more protein and half the sugar of other hazelnut spreads, according to the company. The product contains no palm oil and is made with hazelnuts as the first ingredient, plus organic sugar and organic cocoa powder.

“While TBH is delicious on its own as a spread or a spoonful, the low sugar content makes it an especially amazing ingredient for baking,” said Elena Guberman, chief executive officer of TBH. “Toto, another female-led, better-for-you brand, was the perfect partner to bring our first-ever baked good to life, and we've been thrilled to hear that customers love the TBH cookies just as much as they love the Toto cookie dough.”

Initially launched as a limited-edition product for International Women’s Day in March, Toto x TBH double chocolate hazelnut plant-based cookie is a permanent addition to the line and available at