DELANCO, NJ. — Online grocery platform Misfits Market launched Odds & Ends, its first private label line. The new brand offers pantry staples such as coffee and snacks like nuts, dried fruit and dark chocolate-covered mini pretzels.

Many of Misfit Market’s Odds & Ends products were designed to reduce waste and address supply chain inefficiencies. As an example, the company’s direct trade premium coffee blend is purchased directly from the farms where it was grown, providing growers with fair prices and stable incomes while protecting them from market risk and volatility.

With consumer prices rising 8.5% over the past year and food costs jumping to the highest levels in a decade, shoppers are looking for new ways to save without sacrificing quality, said Abhi Ramesh, founder and chief executive officer of Misfits Market.

“Our value-conscious customers are saving an average of $25 per order and with the launch of our new private label line, we’re excited to provide our customers with an even wider variety of affordable and sustainably sourced pantry staples,” he said.

Misfits Markets tackles food waste by offering imperfect or surplus produce and pantry staples at lower costs. It has sent out nearly 13 million orders, rescued more than 230 million lbs of food and raised more than $525 million in funding since launching three years ago.