HANCEVILLE, ALA. — Tyson Foods Inc. has announced plans to build a poultry rendering plant adjacent to its River Valley Ingredients rendering facility that was part of its Hanceville poultry complex that was lost to a fire in July 2021.

The $208 million plant, spanning 121,000 square feet, is expected to be completed in mid-2023. The company said it plans to retain the 124 employees who worked at the original plant from the time of the fire to the completion of the new facility. The new plant will be located just outside the city limits of Hanceville, in Cullman County.

“This investment signals our continued support to the agricultural industry and jobs in Alabama, and we look forward to a renewed relationship with the Hanceville community and its leaders,” said Jason Spann, complex manager of the Hanceville facility. “As a family company, it’s important to us to be the most sought-after place to work, operate as a good neighbor, conserve natural resources and protect the environment.”

Tyson said the rendering plant plays an integral role to the region’s poultry industry, not only in the Hanceville region, but also by providing services to other poultry companies in states adjacent to Alabama. The service it provides allows it to produce usable proteins and fats from byproducts of poultry processors by breaking down and cooking inedible parts to be used in the production of pet food and animal feed, reducing waste and energy use.