OAKVILLE, ONT. – CK Ingredients plans to launch FabaFuel, a de-flavored plant protein, commercially in October for the business-to-business market in North America, said Colleen Madden, vice president of innovation for the Oakville-based company. The ingredient sourced from Canadian snowbird fava beans is 64% protein and may be used in plant-based meat and poultry alternatives, dairy alternatives, batters/breadings, baked foods, extruded snack foods, and powdered beverages.

“We are starting to communicate it with our closest clients,” Ms. Madden said.

FabaFuel, a fine powder, has a neutral aroma and a light off-white color. It is 12% fiber and has a protein digestibility corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) of 0.75.

“Non-de-flavored fava beans can have beany notes or off-flavors, but ours is very creamy and mild,” Ms. Madden said. “The color is very nice and white. It’s very easy to formulate with.”

The ingredient offers gelling properties and water-holding properties. Its emulsification and foaming properties make FabaFuel an option in replacing or reducing eggs whites in applications.

FabaFuel works especially well in pancakes, Ms. Madden said.

“In that particular application it is very creamy and kind of custardy,” she said.

She has experimented with a blend of flour consisting of one-third FabaFuel flour, one-third lupin flour and one-third all-purpose wheat flour.