LE MARS, IOWA – Halo Top’s dairy light ice cream now features a new recipe, and the brand is rolling out the updated formula by introducing it in a new chocolate cake batter flavor.

The brand announced it revised its light ice cream formula in order to achieve a creamier texture in its frozen desserts, while maintaining its approach of producing ice creams that are lower in calories and sugar.

The new chocolate cake batter ice cream from Halo Top, complete with colored sprinkles, has 330 calories per pint container. The revamped formula for the brand’s ice cream incorporates skim milk.

"Throughout 2022, our fans can now enjoy their favorite Halo Top Dairy Light Ice Cream flavors with even creamier texture thanks to our latest reformulation,” said Pete Gargula, Halo Top brand manager. “The new recipe will give fans all the delicious taste they know and love from Halo Top with an increase in creaminess.”

The new recipe will be available in all of Halo Top’s flavors in frozen dessert aisles throughout the United States, with a suggested retail price of $4.99.

Acquired by Wells Enterprises in September 2019, Halo Top was founded in 2011 on the premise of creating frozen desserts consumers could feel good about eating.