SADDLE BROOK, NJ. — Nutrition21, LLC conducted multiple computer-based cognitive tests through the online platform Cambridge Brain Sciences to study the effects of its nooLVL ingredient in esports gamers.

NooLVL is a patented complex of bonded arginine silicate with a dose of inositol. The non-stimulant nootropic ingredient was designed to enhance cognitive performance in fast-paced e-sports competitions. It has been clinically shown to increase energy and improve reaction time without the addition of caffeine.

A 2019 double-blind, placebo-controlled trial found nooLVL increases mental acuity and focus within 15 minutes. It also showed that nooLVL improves accuracy, attention and reaction time in gamers, even after 60 minutes of gaming.

A recent study presented at the Experimental Biology 2022 meeting used multiple computer-based cognitive performance tests to examine the ingredient’s impact on esports gamers. It found adults who consumed 1,600 mg of nooLVL for seven days showed improvements in attention and concentration, visual representation and forethought/sequencing.

NooLVL may be formulated into a range of functional food and beverage or dietary supplement products for gamers, including ready-to-drink beverages, powders, functional candy and snacks, bars and more, according to Nutrition21.