LONDON — A UK breakfast brand backed by founders of Halo Top and RXBAR has launched its first product online in Europe. Crispy Fantasy’s chocolate cereal is formulated with agave syrup, unsweetened cacao powder, soy and pea protein and avocado oil.

A serving has four times more protein and half the sugar than leading cereals, according to the company. The brand is set to add honey and cinnamon flavors later this year.

“I’ve tasted the other ‘healthy’ cereals, and Crispy Fantasy’s product blows all of them away; it’s truly the ‘Halo Top’ of cereal,” said Doug Bouton, co-founder of Halo Top, a reduced-calorie ice cream brand now owned by Wells Enterprises. “Halo Top is sold in more than 30 countries, and I’m incredibly excited to partner with Crispy Fantasy as an investor and adviser to help them build a global brand anchored by mind-blowingly great products.”

Andrea Rodrik and Raphaël Nahoum, co- founders of Crispy Fantasy, also secured investment from US-based Pareto Holdings and Litani Ventures, the fund managed by RXBAR co-founder and former chief executive officer Peter Rahal.

“With my experience, I’m going to help these amazing founders with all the problems that emerge with the company building process,” Mr. Rahal said.

The founders of Crispy Fantasy describe the product offering as “delicious, fun and loaded with nutritional benefits that help you stay energized and productive,” noting the partnerships with Mr. Bouton and Mr. Rahal, “two of America’s most profound food entrepreneurs,” will unlock a vast network and resources to bring the products to market.