KANSAS CITY — Popping up on menus nationwide are dishes and desserts combining sweet with sour, spicy or salty flavors.

McDonald’s Corp. is serving a chocolate pretzel McFlurry ice cream treat for a limited time in the United States. The item blends vanilla soft-serve, chocolate-covered pretzel bits and a caramel swirl.

Sonic Drive-In is offering the Sour Patch Kids Slush Float for a limited time. The treat combines vanilla ice cream, Sour Patch Kids watermelon slush and Sour Patch Kids sour-then-sweet candy.

“Our Sonic fans always look forward to our summer Slush Float offerings, and this year we’re once again delivering a refreshing, craveable treat that provides an exciting new twist by incorporating the iconic Sour Patch Kids candy,” said Mackenzie Gibson, vice president of culinary and menu innovation at Sonic. “Sour Patch Kids uniquely combines sour and sweet for a satisfying candy experience, and Sonic is taking the fun further by mixing that same flavor experience with two of our summer favorites — slushes and ice cream.”

Quick-service restaurant concept Chester’s Chicken has unveiled the Honey Stung chicken sandwich and Honey Stung chicken bites, featuring marinated, double-breaded and fried chicken tossed in Frank’s RedHot Stingin’ Honey Garlic Sauce.

“We’ve already staked claim that we’ve been making the juiciest, crunchiest chicken on the planet for decades,” said William Culpepper, vice president of marketing for Chester’s Chicken. “We’re now turning up the heat with our new extra spicy seasoning as well as fan-favorite Honey Stung Chicken, available this summer only to add a kick to the road trip season.”

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