GENEVA, ILL. — A Chicago-area startup is reimaging a traditional Latin America dish for the modern consumer.

New from Sofrito Foods, LLC, the maker of Fillo’s beans and grains pouches, is a line of ready-to-eat, single-serve tamales developed for on-the-go consumption. Available in six flavors, Walking Tamales are shelf-stable and designed to eat directly from the package but may be heated prior to eating. Founders Daniel and Antonio Caballero created the products featuring classic Latin American recipes from their youth.

“The possibilities are endless with Walking Tamales,” said Daniel Caballero, chief executive officer. “Fillo’s is about reimagining and making more accessible the classic Latin American flavors my family grew up eating. Without losing sight of the culturally significant tamale, we designed Walking Tamales to be a novel take on the dish, which can now be enjoyed anywhere and at any time. Walking Tamales allow those that grew up eating tamales — or anyone who hungers for something new — to have tamales time, anytime.”

Varieties include bean salsa verde, bean salsa roja, bean salsa habanero, Mexican chocolate almond, peanut butter piloncillo and strawberry coconut. The products are made with corn flour, extra virgin olive oil, brown sugar, sea salt and baking soda, with additional ingredients, including beans and peppers or fruit and nuts. Select offerings contain up to 7 grams of protein per bar.

Fillo’s Walking Tamales are available to buy online at and