CHICAGO — The newest salty snacks debuted at the 2022 Sweets & Snacks Expo, with many exhibitors launching products with a classic salty-and-sweet combination.

Caramel and salt are a popular combination for snack manufacturers this year, with several companies releasing snacks with those flavor combinations. Second Nature Brands released its Sea Salt Caramel Crunch snack, which combines the company’s dark chocolate caramels with a blend of nuts, including almonds cashews and pecans, as well as dried strawberries.

Pladis North America’s Flipz brand debuted Flipz Clusterz, which combines chocolate clusters with salted pretzel pieces and caramel.

Taking salty snacks a different direction are companies like Prevail Jerky, where manufacturers are focusing on capturing umami in their products.

Prevail Jerky launched its Umami Beef Jerky at the show. The cherry-wood-smoked jerky is gluten-free, paleo-certified and contains no top-eight allergens.

From salty-sweet to smoky, to spicy, food manufacturers at the 2022 Sweets & Snacks Expo debuted flavorful combinations for consumers looking for something new to add to their snacking list.

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