TARRYTOWN, NY. — Nightfood Holdings, Inc., a company focused on developing pre-bedtime snacks, has announced plans to launch a sleep-friendly cookie line in July. The first flavor that will debut is Prime-Time chocolate chip, joined in following months by cherry oat and snickerdoodle flavors.

The new cookie product line is gluten-free and nut-free, made with an oat flour base because of oats’ natural richness in melatonin, according to the company. To achieve a lower glycemic index, the cookies are sweetened with date syrup and, contain 40% less sugar, 40% less fat and 20% fewer calories than other cookie brands.

After launching its sleep-friendly ice cream pints at hotels nationwide last month, Nightfood seeks to expand its evening snacking occasions with the new cookie line.

“With our national ice cream hotel rollout now fully underway, we believe it’s time to take advantage of expansion into additional formats,” said Sean Folkson, chief executive officer of Nightfood.  “Like our ice cream, there is no sacrifice of taste or texture for consumers making a better nighttime snack choice.  These are delicious cookies, which were specifically formulated to be both healthier and more sleep-friendly.  That makes them a natural fit for hotels.  And now, even hotels that don’t have ice cream freezers will be able to make Nightfood snacks available to their guests.”