KANSAS CITY — Product developers are pairing sweet and spicy flavors in new snacks and pantry staples.

Kellogg Co. is expanding its Pringles lineup with Pringles Wavy Chipotle Ranch crisps, which have a ridged texture and a flavor described as “smoky chipotle heat” meets “creamy, zesty ranch,” according to the company.

“We’re always listening to what our fans crave and pride ourselves on delivering insanely accurate flavor combinations in a single crisp,” said Mauricio Jenkins, US marketing lead for Pringles. “These new crisps boast the perfect balance of spicy and sweet with flavor first and heat second, all while providing Pringles Ranch devotees and snackers alike with a new way to experience this classic bite.”

Hormel Foods Corp. is introducing Planters Sweet & Spicy Dry Roasted Peanuts, featuring honey and dried red chili peppers plus salt. 

“At first, your taste buds are hit with sweet flavors of honey and sugar, and then the spice kicks in making you want to start the experience all over again,” said Robbie Koons, Planters brand manager. “We set out to give our flavor-loving fans a new and distinct eating experience. After rigorous testing and perfecting, we knew we found the newest member of our market-leading dry roasted peanut portfolio with Planters Sweet & Spicy Peanuts.”

 New from Tia Lupita Foods is a line of salsa macha, a crunchy condiment featuring a blend of morita chiles, sesame seeds, garlic and pepitas in olive oil. A sweet and spicy option adds raisins and cranberries. The products are made in small batches and were inspired by founder Hector Saldivar’s Mexican heritage.

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