PARIS – With more consumers buying flavored alcoholic beverages, the Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta, is seeking to gain a foothold in the category. Topo Chico Hard Seltzer, Simply Mixed and the recent launch of ready-to-drink Jack and Coke are meant to fit in the space between beers and soft drinks, said Manuel Arroyo Prieto, chief marketing officer.

On June 13 Coca-Cola announced it is partnering with Brown Forman Corp., Louisville, Ky, the owner of the Jack Daniel’s brand, to introduce Jack Daniel’s & Coca-Cola RTD. During a June 16 presentation at the Deutsche Bank dbAccess Global Consumer Conference, Mr. Prieto said the launch will be global with the first products rolling out in Mexico this year and more markets next year.

“It’s tapping a lot into at-home consumption occasions, not necessarily away from home that much,” Mr. Prieto said.

The Jack and Coke line also will feature a zero-sugar variety that has 100 calories.

“Versus beer, it’s a very, very interesting proposition,” Mr. Prieto said. “We see a lot of potential. We’re still learning. We’re still going to iterate some of the components. (The) packaging graphics are strong, and the repeat rate of the liquid, of the formulation once you taste it is just phenomenal; it is one of our best products, in my mind, ever in the history of the company.”

Mr. Prieto also highlighted four trends from the pandemic Coca-Cola sees accelerating.

“Health and wellness is one of them,” he said. “ESG (environmental, social and governance) consciousness is another one. Convenience has even accelerated further during the pandemic. There are a few others. For example, it's a busy world — (a) busy and stressed world. People need more and more functionality. And that is what is behind the growth acceleration of coffees or energy drinks or even colas.”