DENVER – The Simple Root, a brand of vegetable-based dips and spreads, is set to make its debut in the United States this fall. The venture is backed by Pilot Lite, a London-based venture management company, and McCain Foods Ltd., Toronto.

The Simple Root’s point of differentiation is its products are formulated with root vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes and parsnips to create a creamy base that is then combined with other vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices to make the dips and spreads. The refrigerated products do not contain dairy, nuts, soy, gluten or wheat.

“Our patented process allows us to create dips, cheeses, sauces, and desserts with a creamy, smooth base that’s often missing in other plant-based products,” said Lora Spizzirri, chief technology officer of The Simple Root. “With this unique root-vegetable base, we’re able to make dairy- and nut-free versions of popular foods consumers enjoy without having to sacrifice taste and texture.” 

The initial launch will feature dips, cheese-style spreads and cream cheese-style spreads. The dip varieties include salsa con queso, sweet and spicy mango sweet potato, and spinach artichoke and kale. The cheese-style spreads will come in sun-dried tomato caprese and smoke gouda while the cream cheese-style spreads will be available in plain, garlic and herb, strawberry and sweet chili.

Earlier this year the company introduced a line of plant-based sauces in the United Kingdom.

“The brand has been hugely well received in the UK,” said Louise Wymer, chief executive officer of The Simple Root UK. “There is a recognition that consumers are becoming increasingly discerning when it comes to plant-based food. It’s no longer just about cutting meat and dairy out, but about getting more vegetables in. Our products have received a 90% purchase-intent rating from consumers in testing, proving the demand for a plant-based brand that is veg-packed, simply made, and better for you.”

David Behringer is the global CEO of The Simple Root and will lead the launch in the United States. Mr. Behringer also is the CEO of Pilot Lite Ventures-USA. Prior to joining Pilot Lite, Mr. Behringer was chief technology officer of 915 Labs and had spent nine years working for the Kraft Foods Group.

“Vegetables are our first and most important ingredient,” Mr. Behringer said. “The Simple Root brand is about giving consumers a way to add more veggies to their diet with versatile, convenient, and great-tasting foods.”

The new products initially will launch in the Northeast, according to the company. Additional applications set to debut in the United States in 2023 include plant-based cheeses, sauces and desserts.