HANOVER, PA. — Utz Brands, Inc. has launched two limited-edition chip varieties for the summer.

The all-new Utz & Grillo’s classic dill pickle flavor is a collaboration with Grillo’s Pickles and is available in both a 2.6-oz on-the-go bag and larger 7.7-oz take-home bag. Riffing off the Utz cheddar cheese balls, the company has introduced Utz Ripple potato chips coated with cheddar cheese ball flavor.

"As we bring innovation and excitement to our brand fans, our new Utz Grillo's classic dill and Utz cheddar cheese balls flavored potato chips will deliver with big and bold flavor," said Mark Schreiber, EVP sales and chief customer officer, Utz Brands, Inc. "We're excited to partner with Grillo's while also leveraging our own Utz cheese balls in a unique and different way."

The cheddar cheese ripple chips are available in a 7.7-oz take-home bag and, along with the dill pickle flavor, are available for purchase on the company website for a limited time.