CAMARILLO, CALIF. – Hygiena has launched an allergen app that harmonizes EnSure Touch, the company’s ATP cleaning and environmental monitoring system, with its line of allergen tests, including AlerTox, AllerFlow and GlutenTox Pro. The integration consolidates allergen tests into environmental test protocols for more insight into production safety.

“We are very pleased to continually innovate and refine our environmental monitoring tools toward more holistic HACCP monitoring and increased public health safety,” said Steven Nason, chief executive officer of Camarillo-based Hygiena. “We believe the ability to quickly and easily align allergen test results with our broader environmental testing solutions, including ATP and indicator organism detection, allows our customers deeper insight into specific process control efforts.”

Data entered on Ensure Touch automatically syncs to SureTrend Cloud. The app unifies all allergen test kit data — AlerTox Sticks, AllerFlow Gluten, AllerSnap, GlutenTox Pro and Pro-Clean — in one spot.