INDIANAPOLIS — Equinom achieved a record 75% protein in an exploratory minimally processed pea protein ingredient, breaking its previous record of 70%, which is ready for commercialization.

The company achieved 75% protein by breeding new varieties of yellow peas using its Manna technology platform. The technology identifies favorable traits for food applications in the genetic structure of seeds and predicts the best crossbreeding matches to yield better varieties without the use of genetic engineering.

The pea protein delivers the gelation, foaming and emulsification properties of pea protein isolates as well as the light color and high solubility of a concentrate, according to the company. Equinom utilized dry fractionation, which uses only milling and air to separate protein from the pea, for its in-house trial.

More advancements are needed to produce the yellow pea ingredient with 75% protein at commercial scale, said Sigal Meirovitch, senior director of protein research and development at Equinom.

“We’re proud of this significant achievement with our pea protein and are truly excited by the possibilities our innovative approach can unlock for food companies and consumers of plant-based foods,” she said. “As the need for heavy processing of pea protein is a major bottleneck for the sustainability and affordability of plant-based foods, we see this scientific discovery as a real game changer for the industry.”