GALESBURG, MICH. — Celesta Co. LLC said its sleep-promoting ingredients are being used in a new line of functional beverages from Royal Oak, Mich.-based Nurish Brands, Inc.

Celesta is a supplier of ingredient blends and technologies that improve sleep and relaxation, including its branded ingredients SlumberMor and RnRMor. The blends target multiple pathways to overall wellness, such as sleep induction, sleep duration, stress reduction, body recovery and mood stabilization.

In a proof-of-concept clinical trial, Celesta measured the effectiveness of its sleep support ingredients objectively through Bluetooth headbands that measure brain waves and subjectively through participant questionnaires.

“The ingredients showed significant improvements in sleep quality without being habit-forming or causing grogginess,” said Dave Lafond, chief executive officer of Celesta.

The partnership with Nurish comes as more consumers are reporting stress, anxiety and disrupted sleep, he added. Nurish markets a line of functional beverages with energy and calming benefits sold under the Feel brand. Additional details about the products containing Celesta’s ingredients will be announced later this year.