KANSAS CITY — Chicken is the star of several new menu items rolling out at national restaurant chains.

Kentucky Fried Chicken has reintroduced macaroni and cheese bowls, topped with crispy popcorn chicken and a three-cheese blend. A spicy version adds Nashville hot sauce.

New fajita-style options at TGI Fridays include tandoori chicken skewers served with jasmine rice, pico de gallo, sour cream and pickled jalapeños.

Boston Market has introduced rotisserie chicken nuggets, featuring all-white meat pieces marinated in signature or spicy seasoning.

“The Rotisserie Chicken Nuggets will set the new standard for nuggets,” said Jay Pandya, president for Boston Market. “They are bigger than our competitors, healthier than fried alternatives, and packed with flavor — there is no other true rotisserie option on the market.

“Our chefs worked hard to perfect a new type of nugget for consumers that is fresher and healthier, without the heavy breading or grease. These nuggets are our first hand-held option meal, so there’s no need for a knife and fork and guests can enjoy our signature rotisserie chicken on the go.”

View a slideshow of new menu items.