KANSAS CITY — Coffee innovation is gaining steam as consumers seek elevated experiences in everyday occasions. New offerings feature functional benefits or promote fair trade practices.

Copper Cow Coffee, a brand of equitably and sustainably sourced Vietnamese coffee, is introducing ground coffee in four flavors, including classic, vanilla, churro and salted caramel, blended with herbs and spices. The new format, packaged in 12-oz bags and featuring a universal grind, complements the company’s range of single-serve pour-over kits.

“The more we’ve learned about our customers’ coffee routines, the more inspired I’ve become to make our coffee better fit their daily lives,” said Debbie Wei Mullin, founder and chief executive officer. “Whether it’s a big pot of churro coffee for the office or an afternoon lavender latte for one, adding ground coffee to the lineup offers even more opportunities for people to create those moments of coffee joy. It also gives us an incredible opportunity to support our Vietnamese coffee farmers in an even bigger way.”

Nguyen Coffee Supply, a specialty Vietnamese coffee company, has introduced its first ready-to-drink product, classic black cold brew coffee made with robusta beans sourced from Vietnam and brewed in the United States. The beverage contains no added sugar and is dairy-free and shelf-stable.

“After studying the RTD coffee market in the US for years, I could only find ‘100% arabica’ or nondescript blends,” said Sahra Nguyen, who founded the business to build a more diverse, inclusive and equitable coffee trade. “We’re excited to show the world the potential of Vietnam’s beloved robusta.”

Famed biohacker Dave Asprey is launching Danger Coffee, a new brand of mold-free, farm-direct coffee featuring trace minerals, nutrients and electrolytes.  

“I believe coffee can do more than just give you energy; it can elevate you at a cellular level,” said Mr. Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof Nutrition. “These beans deliver the good stuff — antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, micronutrients, and optimal fasting support — without bogging you down with the bad stuff you’ll find in ordinary coffee.”

Functional coffee brand Four Sigmatic has unveiled a cold brew ground coffee, which combines a coarse grind of organic, fair trade beans with lion’s mane and chaga mushrooms and is designed to be steeped in cold water. Cold brew coffee has a lower acid level than hot coffee, according to the company.

“We’re always here to offer ways to elevate daily routines,” said Tero Isokauppila, founder and chief executive officer of Four Sigmatic. “Think Cold Brew does just that — it gives cold brew lovers the one-and-done effect of a sharp, focused morning. It’s an easy way to improve your mental wellness on a daily basis.”

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