LINCOLNSHIRE, ILL. – The Montchevre brand from Saputo Cheese USA Inc. revealed its new sweet and savory goat cheese flavors set to arrive on retail shelves.

Not only did Montchevre launch a new hibiscus berry goat cheese log, but it also introduced its Topped goat cheese line.

Saputo senior marketing manager Jenny Englert said goat cheese sales have been on the rise in recent years, as goat’s milk products have become more popular.

“This increased demand for variety has sparked our Montchevre brand team to accelerate our innovation pipeline, adding a variety of new trending flavors and formats we are excited to release into the marketplace,” Ms. Englert said.

Saputo describes its Montchevre hibiscus berry log as tart and sweet, with some similarities to sangria. The company recommended pairing the sweet goat cheese with dry prosecco, champagne or white wine, as well as berries and nuts, and is selling the new goat cheese log in 4 oz sizes.

Saputo USA’s executive chef and senior manager of culinary and sensory, Nikki Trzeciak, said hibiscus goes well with both savory and sweet applications.

“As hibiscus is the flavor of the summer, we’re thrilled to introduce it in our famous goat cheese log, as the tartness of the flavor really cuts through the tanginess of our goat cheese, making it a natural flavor pairing,” Ms. Trzeciak said. “The color is also visually appealing, as it breaks from the norm with its light pink coloring, drawing consumers’ attention on the shelf.”

Montchevre’s original creamy goat cheese is the main component of its new Topped line, which incorporates a compote into each 6 oz package. The line debuts with roasted red pepper and cranberry and port flavors.

Monchevre topped goat cheese

Saputo shared that the roasted red pepper Topped goat cheese pairs well with light and white wines, as well as light red wines, along with seasoned crackers and vegetables. Meanwhile, the company likened the flavor of its cranberry and port product to cheesecake, with its sweet topping. It recommended pairing the flavor with a dry glass of prosecco and/or graham crackers, shortbread or another moderately sweet food.

The packaging for Montchevre’s Topped flavors helps make them ready to serve and consume – and even includes instructions on the packaging: peel lid, run a butter knife around the outer edge, place upside down and lift. The products and containers were designed with dipping, spreading and melting in mind.

Ms. Englert said Saputo aimed to make it easier for consumers to have compotes on hand and ready to go in their homes.

“In the goat cheese category, we’ve seen consumers tend to purchase on impulse, usually triggered by a craving or recipe,” she said. “When it comes to the Montchevre Topped line, we hope to reach consumers in the early stages of their decision-making process and inspire them to get creative with their goat cheese pairings, even branching out and creating their own goat cheese ‘toppings’ for future snacks and gatherings.”