REYKJAVIK, ICELAND — Good Good has brought its all-natural peanut butter spreads to US consumers.

The Icelandic company, founded in 2015, offers snacks and pantry staples with no added sugars, including jams, spreads, snack bars and sweeteners.

Now launching in the United States, Good Good’s peanut butter spreads come in creamy and crunchy varieties, are 99% sugar free and are made using dietary fibers from chicory root.

“We saw an amazing opportunity to innovate in the peanut butter space,” said Gardar Stefansson, chief executive officer at Good Good. “We use amazing American peanuts, which naturally contain a lower carb count, and infuse it with healthy fibers and oils to get the best peanut butter spread available without added sugar.”

Good Good products can be found online through the brand’s website and Amazon, or in-person at more than 10,000 retail locations in 36 countries. The peanut butter spreads are expected to launch soon in Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe.

The brand has grown steadily after securing distribution in 3,500 Walmart locations,raising $20 millionin Series B funding in May and$2 millionin a follow-up round of Series A funding in October 2021.