SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL — Brazilian food manufacturer Camil Alimentos SA has reached an agreement to acquire several cookie and cracker brands from PepsiCo Brasil, including the Mabel, Doce Vida, Mirabel, Elbi’s and Pavesino brands. The deal also includes facilities in Aparecida de Goiânia and Itaporanga D’Ajuda. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

In addition to the acquisition of the cookie and cracker brands, Camil Alimentos said it has signed a 10-year licensing contract with PepsiCo for the Toddy brand for use in certain products in the Brazilian biscuit market, and the acquisition of the assets that make up the Toddy brand biscuit production line. According to Camil Alimentos, the Toddy brand is the second largest cookie brand in Brazil.

“In just over a year, since July 2021, we have made five acquisitions that have allowed us, in addition to entering new countries such as Ecuador, to expand our business in three different categories with high added value and brands that are recognized by consumers: coffee, pasta and healthy products in Uruguay, with Silcom,” said Luciano Quartiero, chief executive officer of Camil Alimentos. “This will be our sixth transaction announced, which includes the company’s entry into the cookies and crackers category in Brazil. The diversity of businesses increases the operating synergy of our business model, allowing for gains in scale and greater expertise in different models of distribution, supplies and trade marketing.”

Camil Alimentos said the acquisition reinforces its strategy to grow in regions that are complementary to its current operations and will include in its portfolio the category of cookies and crackers with highly recognized brands in the market and products with high added value. The addition of the PepsiCo Brasil businesses brings synergies linked to the company’s cross-selling business model and scale gains, as well as complementarity with the pasta business acquired in August 2021 by Camil Alimentos and successfully integrated into the business model, the company said.

Founded in 1953, Mabel is one of the most traditional cookie brands in Brazil, consisting of donuts, crackers, buttered, stuffed and laminated, in addition to being the country’s sales leader in donuts.