KANSAS CITY — Food scientists could think of themselves as stewards as well when creating products with sustainability benefits, said Joe Colyn, a business partner for JPG Resources, a consulting company for food and beverage companies. He acknowledged formula work has made more food available and made food better but suggested a more holistic approach.

“Maybe we need to step back and think about the why and the what of the food system and how it all works together,” Mr. Colyn said in an Aug. 24 trends and innovations webinar from Food Business News. “How do we look at the food system more holistically: back to the soil, back to the farm, back to the animals, back to the crops.”

Food scientists could consider water use.

“The amount of water on the Earth hasn’t changed,” he said. “It’s how we’re using it and how we’re leveraging it. We have to think about that in food formulation as well. Water seems to be the no-cost ingredient when we’re formulating, but maybe it shouldn’t be.”

He addressed energy use, too.

“How do we rebalance the equation between sun energy and petroleum energy in our food systems and in our food formulations?” Mr. Colyn said.

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