EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. — Global seafood supplier Thai Union Group PCL and its subsidiary Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods have announced a North American partnership with The ISH Food Co., Wilmington, Del.

A plant-based seafood brand, ISH launched its flagship product Shrimpish this year and is currently developing salmon, cod, crab and lobster alternatives.

“We have a big mission, and we can’t do it alone, which makes this collaboration in North America even more important,” said Bernard David, chief executive officer and founder of ISH. “Consumer demand for healthy, nutritious, and sustainable food sources is accelerating as individuals increasingly make the connection between the food they eat and the climate crisis.”

As part of the partnership, Thai Union will use its marketing and distribution channels to invest in the sustainable seafood market and expand access to alternative seafood proteins.

The collaboration is a response to growing consumer demand for alternative seafood products and part of Thai Union’s focus on alternative protein startups, according to the company.