CHICAGO — Gatorade is bringing caffeine to consumers with Fast Twitch, a new line of energy drinks for athletes looking to get a boost of energy before workouts.

Each 12-oz bottle of Fast Twitch is non-carbonated, sugar free and contains a mix of B vitamins, electrolytes and 200 mg of caffeine.

“At Gatorade, we’ve spent decades studying the best athletes in the world, and what we’ve learned is there hasn’t been an athletic energy solution they can trust that is designed for them to start fast and ignite their performance,” said Anuj Bhasin, vice president of marketing and general manager for Gatorade. “We’re thrilled to change that with the launch of Fast Twitch, the first-ever caffeinated energy drink from Gatorade, designed for athletes in every way, from formula to design and packaging.”

Developed in consultation with sports performance experts and the National Football League, Fast Twitch is expected to have its consumer launch in early 2023. However, the drinks will be available on NFL sidelines during the 2022-23 season, giving players and coaches exclusive early access.

The energy drink line will offer a variety of flavors, including Cool Blue, Glacier Freeze, tropical mango, orange, strawberry watermelon and strawberry lemonade.

As the new entry to the $16 billion dollar energy drink market, Fast Twitch plans to capture its own market share by appealing to the millions of athletes that don’t use energy drinks, said Marissa Pines, senior director of marketing at Gatorade.

“We know that athletes are discerning with what products they use, and many have had to reach for energy drinks not designed to meet their needs, or have avoided the category altogether,” Ms. Pines said. “Fast Twitch addresses the key barriers described by the 32 million athletes who reject energy drinks. We believe that by creating this brand new athletic energy space, backed by Gatorade’s 57-year history with athletes, Fast Twitch will completely disrupt the category.”

The Fast Twitch launch marks PepsiCo, Inc.’s latest expansion into the energy drink market over the last few years, including the 2020 acquisition of Rockstar and a recent minority stake investment in energy drink producer Celsius.