DALLAS — Fuerst Day Lawson Ltd. (FDL) has acquired flavor and botanical extract manufacturer Quest Ingredients Ltd., Hereford, England, for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition is part of FDL’s strategy to expand its core markets and customer based in Europe and the United States.

“We believe the addition of Quest Ingredients is strategic and highly complementary to FDL’s existing portfolio of ingredients and formulated solutions,” said Eric Beatty, chief executive officer of FDL. “We are excited to offer Quest Ingredients' unique process capabilities to existing FDL customers and expand services to Quest Ingredients' customers with FDL's products and innovation capabilities.”

A subsidiary of private equity firm Highlander Partners, FDL specializes in the development and manufacturing of taste and nutrition ingredient solutions for a variety of food and beverage applications.

The company’s current product offerings include custom flavors, syrups, sauces, fruit preps, bakery ingredients, juices and juice blends.

With the acquisition, FDL adds Quest Ingredients’ line of flavor applications in baked foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, vape juices and animal feed.

“This acquisition strengthens FDL's ability to deliver customized flavor and botanical extracts across both customer bases by expanding our capabilities and innovations expertise,” said Chaz Thomas, a director at Highland Partners. “We believe growing demand for customized flavorings and health enhancing natural ingredients will continue to be top of mind with our customers, and Quest Ingredients is uniquely positioned to meet these needs.”