PARIS – Lesaffre has acquired Recombia Biosciences after partnering with the biotechnology company since 2020 to develop yeasts for sustainable production of fermented ingredients. Located in Brisbane, Calif., in the San Francisco Bay Area, Recombia Biosciences was founded in 2019 based on genome-editing technology licensed from Stanford University in Stanford, Calif.

Over the past two years Recombia and Lesaffre have designed and developed yeast strains and optimized production of several bio-sourced ingredients and biofuels.

“With the acquisition of Recombia Biosciences, we are enriching the group’s portfolio of cutting-edge technologies to accelerate innovation in yeast development and production, and we are surrounding ourselves with new talent that we warmly welcome,” said Brice-Audren Riché, chief executive officer of Lesaffre. “Innovation is part of Lesaffre’s DNA. This acquisition is a perfect illustration of Lesaffre’s mission: working together to better nourish and protect the planet.”

Recombia Biosciences will keep its name. The company’s proprietary technology allows researchers to modify yeast strains Three Stanford University researchers — Justin Smith, PhD, Bob St.Onge, PhD, and Lars Steinmetz, PhD — founded the company. Dr. Smith is CEO while Dr. St.Onge is chief operating officer and Dr. Steinmetz is chairman of the board.

“From our very first discussions we have shared a common vision of how our respective strengths could synergize and create new opportunities,” Dr. St.Onge said. “We are very excited to be joining Lesaffre and are looking forward to addressing challenges together with new and innovative fermentation solutions.”