DAVENPORT, IOWA — Fair Oaks Foods, based in Pleasant Prairie, Wis., broke ground Sept. 1 on its latest $134 million bacon production facility.

Fair Oaks previously announced its plans to build the 150,000-square-foot facility and expects to hire around 247 employees once the project is completed.

“After looking at over 100 sites across the US, we believe the Quad Cities is one of the best locations we could have chosen — a solid community with a diverse workforce and family values, to support our companies’ values and growth,” said Michael L. Thompson, president and chief executive officer, Fair Oaks Foods.

Joseph M. Fred, chief operating officer of the company, said the entire development process took two years. He anticipated that the facility’s opening could happen in early 2024 with the plant hiring process starting next year.

The new endeavor is projected to have a $182 million annual economic impact on the area, said Tami Petsch, vice president of business and economic growth for the Quad Cities Chamber.

Fair Oaks partnered with The Austin Co. for the construction of the facility. It will support roughly 250 construction jobs while the plant is being built.

Founded in 1985, Fair Oaks is the 11th largest Black-owned business in the United States. Throughout its network, the company produces and supplies a variety of protein products, including bacon, meatballs, pork and turkey sausage, to foodservice, national grocery stores and quick-serve restaurants.