KANSAS CITY — Despite challenges that occur when formulating products without gluten, companies are finding creative ways to offer an array of gluten-free products to consumers.

Trupo Treats, founded by 24-year-old twin brothers Charlie and Brian Trupo, launched their vegan and gluten-free take on chocolate wafer candy bars. The company’s goal is to “veganize your childhood favorites” through better-for-you ingredients.

Trupo Treats’ bars, which are available in chocolate, chocolate hazelnut and chocolate peanut butter varieties, are made from a plant-based style milk chocolate, which is formulated with rice flour.

Also turning to formulations with better-for-you ingredients is Deux, a plant-based cookie dough company. The company’s limited-edition pumpkin spice cookie dough is formulated with functional ingredients, including reishi and ginseng for a mood boost, according to the company.

Mindright also has added functional ingredients to its products, with the debut of its nootropic-infused popped chip line. The never-fried snacks feature the brand’s signature brain-boosting formula and are available in chili lime, cinnamon churro and turmeric ranch varieties.

Companies increasingly are formulating with new flour alternatives, which allows them to be creative with their gluten-free options. Biena Snacks has expanded its portfolio with Tasty Thins, a line of crisps formulated with chickpeas, carrots, sweet potatoes and peas. The Real Good Food Co. Inc.’s Real Good Crispy Tots feature ingredients like cauliflower, eggs, lupin beans and cheese. Plant-based food company Lupii also features the lupini bean in its new boxed pasta line, which comes in elbow, penne and rotini varieties.

Other companies like Canyon Bakehouse, a subsidiary of Flowers Foods, Inc., are releasing gluten-free versions of existing products.

Canyon Bakehouse released gluten-free Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, frozen rolls that are made with whole grains and are also free from dairy, nuts, sesame and soy.

“We introduced our Hawaiian Sweet bread in 2018, and it quickly became a fan favorite,” said Danielle Benjamin, brand manager for Canyon Bakehouse. “We are excited to offer this tasty variety in a versatile pull-apart roll. Millions of Americans are looking for gluten-free options, and we are happy to help them love bread again.”

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