JACKSON, MICH. — Dawn Foods unveiled its new global bakery trends report and introduced Dawn Exceptional Pak Perfect sticky glaze at the International Baking Industry Exposition going on in Las Vegas.

Dawn’s global market research and insights teams interviewed more than 3,000 consumers and visited hundreds of bakeries, grocery stores and foodservice establishments globally to discover trends in baking. Dawn’s top 2023 global trends are technology transformation, experience exploration, daily delights and mindfulness matters.

Touch-screen ordering and sharing food experiences virtually are examples of technology transformation. Fifty-seven percent of global consumers said they plan to order more food online than they have previously, according to Dawn.

Consumers, besides choosing foods that enhance nostalgic memories, are exploring by seeking foods that incorporate new flavors from other cultures. While 56% of global consumers said they have tried American baked foods like chocolate chip cookies and apple pie, 30% said they plan to try traditional African baked foods.

Consumers seek daily delights, including smaller-sized sweet treats, as a way to bring moments of joy into their daily routine. Seventy-seven percent of global consumers said they will continue to eat sweet baked foods regularly, according to Dawn.

The environment matters in the minds of consumers, who are aware of how their choices affect their personal health, their community and their planet. Dawn found 71% of global consumers said they were willing to pay a premium for sweet baked foods that are made sustainably.

Jackson-based Dawn Foods will showcase its non-sticky glaze at its IBIE booth No. 1601. The patent-pending glaze technology allows packaged yeast-raised donuts to not be sticky for up to five days.

“Our new global trends report and donut glaze are the latest examples of Dawn’s commitment to provide industry-leading insights, high-quality products, and innovative solutions to our customers,” said Carrie Jones-Barber, chief executive officer of Dawn Foods. “These offerings provide a greater understanding of consumer wants and needs and drive efficiencies for our customers. Dawn continues to inspire new ideas and fresh thinking to help bakeries succeed every day, and we look forward to demonstrating our industry leadership at IBIE.”