RISHON LEZION, ISRAEL — ANINA Culinary Art, Ltd. has developed a nutrient loaded, whole meal alternative dubbed the “ANINA pod.”

The food tech startup’s meal-in-a-pod is made from upcycled vegetables that wouldn’t go to market because of issues with their appearance. ANINA’s pod capitalizes on this produce waste, creating a single-size portion pod that contains 40% of daily recommended vegetables.

“ANINA is making a real impact on the food industry by mitigating food waste and turning it into innovative, plant-based products with an exciting look and feel,” said Anat Natan, ANINA’s chief executive officer and co-founder of ANINA. “The result is a balanced, delicious meal with all the nutrients you need. ANINA is responding to a growing demand for making the most of unwanted veggies and turning them into something artistic that appeals to the eye and palette.”

Each pod is made using ANINA’s patented lamination process, making the pods out of flexible vegetable sheets. The insides are then filled with a variety of natural ingredients and vegetables to create a meal high in protein, fiber and free from preservatives.

The meal pods are currently available in three flavors, including a pasta primavera pod that contains Italian herbs and pasta; a Mediterranean bowl with bulgur wheat and black lentils; and a Vietnamese bowl with rice noodles.

“We’re changing the way we eat,” Ms. Natan said. “And we’re shaping the future for a meaningful culinary consumer experience. The ANINA meal capsule also addresses today’s fast-paced lifestyle, which too often forces consumers to compromise on the quality of the food they eat.”