KANSAS CITY — Retail companies are bringing popular flavor combinations to shelves — but with unconventional twists.

White Castle is bringing the flavor of its sliders into bite-size pieces through Castle Bites, which may be found in the freezer aisle. The small snacks are made with beef and onions, wrapped in a crust.

“Castle Bites are a fun, new way to extend the ‘Crave,’ offering a delicious option that meets the mark on distinctive taste,” said Lynn Blashford, chief marketing officer, White Castle. “In recent research, consumers have let us know they’re ready to try, and ready to buy. Something they will soon be able to do at retailers across the country.”

In the coffee category, NaFrosting is combining the classic cream and sugar combination into coffee frosting, a plant-based and dairy-free alternative.

The coffee frosting — which does have the texture of frosting — is formulated with a blend of raw honey, organic coconut oil and organic cacao.

To celebrate the close of summer-inspired products and to usher in fall flavors, PepsiCo, Inc. debuted a s’mores-inspired collection of cola beverages. The s’mores-themed collection features three flavors: toasty marshmallow, graham cracker and chocolate. The beverages are packaged into individual 7.5-oz cans, to easily mix and match to create the perfect s’more, according to the company.

“S’mores is one of the most unapologetically delicious treats that everyone likes to enjoy in a different way,” said Todd Kaplan, chief marketing officer at Pepsi. “So, on the last day of summer, we at Pepsi are thrilled to introduce an entirely new way to s’more with our Pepsi S'mores Collection. This newest drop allows fans to construct their own s’mores to their liking — with the perfect amounts of graham, marshmallow, and chocolate — in a deliciously indulgent drink without any of the mess. We can’t wait for fans to try it.”

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