AUSTIN, TEXAS — Consumer packaged goods accelerator SKU has unveiled its 2023 track schedule.

New tracks for the upcoming year include food and beverage, women and BIPOC-owned businesses, and pet care businesses.

“SKU is on a mission to connect founders to CPG resources so they can create the household brands of tomorrow, our 2023 track schedule is a shining example of that,” said Emily Kealey, managing director of SKU. “Through our mentors, partners and sponsors, our unique ecosystem gives us the opportunity to accelerate these Founders so they can make lasting change in the CPG industry.”

Applicants chosen for the accelerator program will receive mentoring from industry professionals and learn curriculum in a variety of areas, including branding, channel strategy and supply chains. Each track will conclude with an in-person showcase and pitch day in front of investors.

Founded in 2011, SKU has worked with over 100 brands, including companies like Epic Provisions and Siete Family Foods.

“SKU accelerated us in all aspects of our business,” said Laurel Orley, co-founder of Daily Crunch Snacks. “Looking back at our brand positioning, it’s night and day compared to where we were before after going through SKU.”