The US Department of Agriculture on Sept. 29 issued the overall sugar marketing allotment quantity (OAQ), state cane sugar allotments, and sugar beet and sugar cane processor allotments, which apply to all domestic beet and cane sugar marketed for human consumption in the United States from Oct. 1, 2022, to Sept. 30, 2023 (the 2022-23 marketing year).

By statute, the USDA must set the OAQ at 85% of the amount of sugar forecast for domestic human consumption in the September World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report, which was 12,525,000 short tons, raw value, resulting in an OAQ for 2022-23 of 10,646,250 tons, of which 54.35%, or 5,786,237 tons, must be for beet sugar and 45.65%, or 4,860,013 tons, must be for cane sugar.

Cane sugar allotments by state include 2,612,146 tons for Florida, 2,020,789 tons for Louisiana and 227,078 tons for Texas.

Cane processors allocations include: for Florida – Florida Crystals 1,075,489 tons, Growers Co-op of Florida 469,887 tons, and US Sugar Corp., 1,066,770 tons; for Louisiana – Louisiana Sugar Cane Products 1,402,896 tons and M.A. Patout & Sons 617,893 tons; and for Texas – Rio Grande Valley 227,078 tons.

Beet processors marketing allocations include: Amalgamated Sugar Co. 1,238,877 tons; American Crystal Sugar Co. 2,128,113 tons; Michigan Sugar Co. 597,577 tons; Minn-Dak Farmers Co-op. 401,848 tons; Southern Minn. Beet Sugar Co-op. 780,958 tons; Western Sugar Co. 590,415 tons; and Wyoming Sugar Co. 48,449 tons.