NEW YORK — Gen Z consumers are less likely to view brands positively compared to other age groups, according to research from the market researcher Morning Consult.

The data showed the average favorability rating of brands was 33% among all adult consumers and 36% among millennials, as opposed to an average favorability of 27% among Gen Z.

Additionally, Gen Zs were more likely to have a high “unfavorability” rating across brands (10%), a slight increase compared to other age ranges.

Some brands still manage to overcome the trend and gain a foothold with younger consumers. Companies with the highest favorability among Gen Z (roughly 80%) were major retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target, ranking fourth, sixth and seventh respectively.

Food and beverage brands are viewed the most favorability by the younger generation, accounting for roughly half of their 40 most highly rated companies. M&M rated the highest at fifth, with Doritos, KitKat and Oreo closing out the top 10.

Gen Zs also hold higher opinions of food delivery services like DoorDash compared to other adult consumers, earning a favorability rating of 65.5% and 46.7% among each group.