PHILADELPHIA — Food and beverages formulated with a functional benefit took center stage at the Natural Products Expo East trade show that took place Sept. 28-Oct. 1 in Philadelphia where more than 1,200 brands exhibited their newest innovations.

Fermented food company Cleveland Kitchen launched its gut-healthy snacking pickle, formulated with probiotics, at the show.

“Our goal, to make ‘fermented foods for all,’ is what drives innovation at Cleveland Kitchen and has caused major shakeup in the fermented food space,” said Mac Anderson, co-founder and chief commercial officer. “We’re all about crafting new and delicious ways to enjoy fermented foods. Pickle fans are going to love the convenience, great taste and gut-health benefits of our new single-serve pickles.”

Also showing off recent innovations was Momo’s. The company introduced a broad spectrum of CBD-infused products, including wild berry vegan gummies containing magnesium glycinate for an added soothing effect on the nerves, according to the company.    

Functional beverage company ShineWater was also present at the show with its child-friendly ShineWater Pouches. The pouches, which are now available in fruit punch and watermelon blackberry flavors, contain vitamin D, as well as other essential nutrients.

“Where typical children’s juice brands provide little-to-no nutritional value and add large quantities of sugar, ShineWater prioritizes vitamins and minerals without compromising on taste,” said Larry Long, chief operations officer at ShineWater. “With kids back in the classroom it is as important as ever to ensure children have access to delicious and nutritious drink options that deliver immune supporting vitamins, like vitamin D.”

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