KANSAS CITY — MEAT+POULTY alongside sister publication Food Business News are teaming up to host a webinar with Kemin Food Technologies and JBT Corp. presenting on all things meat processing. Free and available on demand, the webinar, titled “Process optimization in the meat industry: New innovations to increase meat throughput,” covers the state of the industry, solutions for improving product quality and a peek into the latest process innovations.

Catering to industry professionals’ busy schedules, this 20-minute webinar lets viewers attend at their leisure. As an added bonus, Kemin Food has provided additional resources for registrants to further explore solutions to today’s challenges in the meat and poultry industry.

Leading speakers include Dr. Michael Cropp, technical service associate of Protein Applications at Kemin Food, and Dale Hunt, technical processing manager of Marination and Cured Meats at JBT. Cropp addresses key challenges facing processors, noting the particular difficulty of avoiding bacterial growth and spoilage in meat and poultry products. Hunt walks viewers through new machinery solutions for improving texture, quality and control all while reducing cost. An asynchronous Q&A component allows viewers to reach out firsthand to speakers on any questions they might have.

Interested parties can register here to watch the webinar on demand.