KANSAS CITY — Spooky season is coming to menus across the United States as foodservice locations usher in the Halloween season.

Applebee’s brought back two Halloween-themed cocktails, which are available for a suggested retail price of $6.

“Getting in on the Halloween fun is just another reason for our guests to visit their neighborhood Applebee’s bar,” said Patrick Kirk, vice president of beverage innovation at Applebee’s. “With the return of our frighteningly delicious Spooky Sips, they can treat themselves with a wicked-good deal at Applebee’s. Hurry on in for a howlin’ good time.”

The Tipsy Zombie is made with Bacardi Superior, and the frozen Dracula’s Juice features both Patron Silver and Bacardi Superior.

Burger King is combining scary and spicy with the addition of the Ghost Pepper Whopper. The spicy burger features a grilled patty, spicy queso, jalapeño bacon and ghost pepper cheese, piled on a toasted orange bun with black sesame seeds.

Krispy Kreme Inc. launched its “Krispy Skreme” donuts, which include four donuts celebrating the holiday. In the Krispy Skreme collection are the spooky spider donut, the scaredy cat donut, the boo batter donut and the neon orange sprinkle donut.

“When fans open the door on our haunted house custom box, they’ll ‘skreme’ with delight at all-new donuts that are perfect for celebrating everything that’s sweet about Halloween,” said Dave Skena, global chief brand officer for Krispy Skreme.

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