BOSTON — Food technology developer Motif FoodWorks is partnering with Vectron Biosolutions to create a new wave of animal-free proteins.

Building on their previous collaborative efforts from the last two years, the project seeks to improve the taste and texture of dairy alternatives with new proteins using Vectron’s precision fermentation system. In addition to bioinformatic tools important for protein discovery, Vectron’s system includes proprietary gene expression technologies that are beneficial for strain development.

“Precision fermentation has the capability to create better tasting, more sustainable food-tech that can radically change plant-based foods for the better,” said Philippe Prochasson, PhD, vice president of biosciences and analytics at Motif FoodWorks. “We’ve been impressed with Vectron’s cutting-edge capabilities, including their unique expression systems, and look forward to exploring new ways to create breakthrough animal-free proteins together.”

The new project builds on Motif’s existing protein alternative portfolio, including its yeast-derived heme replacement for plant-based meats that launched in December 2021.

Dairy ingredient alternatives have become a burgeoning topic in the food technology sphere, particularly those seeking to improve taste and texture. For example, Zurich, Switzerland-based foodtech startup Cultivated Biosciences raised $1.5 million in pre-seed funding last month for its fat ingredient made with oleaginous yeast.