BRABAND, DENMARK — IFF has officially launched SUPRO TEX, the company’s newest plant-based protein alternative.

Developed using a soy substitute, SUPRO TEX offers a meat alternative with a comparable texture to its traditional counterpart. The product comes in a dry, easy-to-use format that offers versatility and requires no refrigeration.

“What makes SUPRO TEX stand out in the plant-based space is — for the first time, meat alternative manufacturers can make tender, plant-based protein, whole-muscle pieces or chunks without the need for major capital investments or a refrigerated supply chain,” said Michel Mellema, global innovation director of IFF’s Re-imagine Protein program. “By combining science and creativity, we’re developing an end-to-end portfolio of plant-based solutions that pushes past traditional boundaries to change the way people eat.”

Manufacturers will be able to mimic a variety of meats by adjusting hydration levels and flavors for the product, including substitutes for chicken, beef and pork.

The launch of SUPRO TEX is part of the company’s plans to capitalize on the growing plant-based protein market, with an estimated 10% of all protein portions being made with plant substitutes by 2035, according to IFF. The new soy product also marks the second protein alternative for the ingredient producer this year, launching a smoked salmon alternative made from spirulina, a type of seaweed, in May.

“This is a paradigm shift,” Mr. Mellema said. “We are expanding our offerings to more meat alternative players.”