MOUNDRIDGE, KAN. — Tortilla brand Mama Lupe’s is debuting its all-new line of Flavor Pack tortillas this month at Walmart stores nationwide. The Flavor Pack sub-brand includes chocolate, churro, ranch, barbecue, pumpkin spice and Buffalo spice flavored tortillas for the suggested retail price of $2.98 per package.

Mama Lupe’s operates as a tortilla brand under King Tortilla, which received a majority investment from Hispanic foods-focused company Flagship Food Group, LLC last year.

“We are so excited that Walmart has launched this new Flavor Pack line in over 3,000 stores across the country,” said Gary Brown, head of sales at Mama Lupe’s. “Our flavored tortillas open the door for so much fun recipe experimentation. These tortillas taste great as a snack by themselves or when paired with different ingredients than we normally associate with tortillas.”

The Flavor Pack line marks continued innovation from Mama Lupe’s, which launched a zero net carb tortilla and a low carb whole wheat flour tortilla earlier this year.

“These new flavored tortillas are so versatile and so much fun,” said Juan Guardiola, president of Mama Lupe’s. “Consumers today want great flavor and great products at an approachable value, and these products deliver.”