LOS ANGELES – Dairy alternative manufacturer Califia Farms introduced its latest plant-based dairy substitute, Heavy Whip, a product the company describes as a one-for-one swap for traditional heavy whipping cream.

Made with a coconut oil base, the gluten-free Heavy Whip comes unflavored and unsweetened and was developed to function like dairy heavy whipping cream in a wide array of recipes. Per Califia Farms, the dairy alternative can go in soups, salad dressings, creamy desserts and more. Aligning with the company’s other plant-based and dairy-free products, Heavy Whip is non-GMO certified, Kosher and vegan.

“At Califia, we're passionate about celebrating the irresistible goodness of plants, and we saw an opportunity to create a plant-based swap for dairy heavy whipping cream without compromising on taste and functionality,” said Suzanne Ginestro, the company’s chief marketing officer. “Heavy Whip allows any recipe's ingredients to shine through and makes it easier than ever for consumers to experiment with plant-based options."

The new refrigerated product comes packaged in a 16.9 oz carton with a suggested retail price of $4.89. It can be purchased at retail stores such as Whole Foods Market, Sprouts and others throughout the United States.