KANSAS CITY — Recent innovations in the beverage category include energy beverages for specific purposes and offering clean caffeine alternatives for a sustainable boost.

Energy brand Juvee, launched by gamer Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, prioritizes boosting energy, increasing focus and improving overall well-being. Juvee, short for “rejuvenation,” is formulated with B vitamins, taurine, caffeine, L-theanine, panax ginseng and vitamin C, with no sugar and 5 calories per 12-oz can.

“People don’t want another energy drink to power them through the day; they want a more sustainable way to feel energized,” said Sam Keene, general manager for Juvee. “Times have changed and we’re noticing a shift away from an obsession with hyper-performance and bad-for-you ingredients in favor of finding balance, connection, and playfulness. Our inspiration when developing Juvee was to help people create their own energy, on their own terms, and be inspired to make more time for play.”

Gatorade, a PepsiCo, Inc., brand also is stepping into the specialized energy drink space with the launch of Fast Twitch, a line of energy drinks for athletes looking for a boost of energy before workouts.

As the new entrant to the $16 billion dollar energy drink market, Fast Twitch managers plan to capture own market share by appealing to the millions of athletes that don’t use energy drinks, said Marissa Pines, senior director of marketing at Gatorade in the September announcement.

“At Gatorade, we’ve spent decades studying the best athletes in the world, and what we’ve learned is there hasn’t been an athletic energy solution they can trust that is designed for them to start fast and ignite their performance,” said Anuj Bhasin, vice president of marketing and general manager for Gatorade. “We’re thrilled to change that with the launch of Fast Twitch, the first-ever caffeinated energy drink from Gatorade, designed for athletes in every way, from formula to design and packaging.”

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