KYIV, UKRAINE — Nestle is investing 40 million Swiss francs ($42.8 million) in a new production site in Smolyhiv, located in the Volyn region in Ukraine. According to Nestle, the plant will help increase production of cold sauces, seasonings, soups and instant foods and will supply the domestic market and European markets.

The plant will become Nestle’s European regional hub for food and culinary products. Nestle said the hub will employ 1,500.

“I am proud to confirm our commitment to invest in Ukraine,” said Alessandro Zanelli, chief executive officer of the South Eastern Europe Market at Nestle. “This is an important move for Nestle, taken in a very challenging time for the country.”

Nestle was one of the first companies to suspend operations in Russia following the country’s invasion of Ukraine in late February, and its latest investment marks one of the few new investments to be undertaken in Ukraine since Russia invaded the country. The plant, Nestle said, is a concrete step “to ensure progressive development in Ukraine.”

“Nestle continues to expand in Ukraine and therefore supports the growth of the Ukrainian economy and provides incremental jobs,” the company said. “In addition, since the first day of the war, the company has been providing humanitarian aid with the necessary food and drinks for Ukrainians and their pets. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the company has donated more than 4,000 tons of products worth more than UAH 480 million ($13 million) to support Ukrainians both inside the country and in neighboring countries where Ukrainian refugees are located.”