KANSAS CITY — Seasonal ice cream options are landing on menus ahead of the holiday season.

At Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews, the Oreo peppermint crunch milkshake is available for a limited time. The shake is made from a blend of vanilla soft serve, milk, peppermint bits and Oreo crumbs, then topped with Oreo cookies, whipped cream and peppermint.

“Our guests love milkshakes and have really enjoyed the new items we have been offering with limited-time, seasonal flavors,” said Amy Woolen, vice president of marketing at Red Robin.

Using the flavors of the Hershey Co.’s Kit Kar bars, Carvel is adding a new line to its menu. Inspired by Kit Kat Duos, Carvel’s Sundae Dashers are available in strawberry or cool mint varieties. The sundaes are made with either strawberry or mint soft serve, then layered with hot fudge, whipped cream and chopped Kit Kats.

“The holidays are a time of celebration, and we want to give fans a way to Carvel-ebrate all of the season’s special moments and traditions,” said Jessica Osborne, vice president of marketing at Carvel. “Mint is a quintessential winter flavor, and it’s one of our top-selling flavors year-round. We’ve also seen a lasting love for strawberry, a flavor Carvel fans have been enjoying this year following our Strawberry Crunchies launch.”

Baskin-Robbins is adding peppermint to its menus with its flavor of the month and peppermint cocoa shake. The peppermint ice cream flavor is made with peppermint candy pieces, and the peppermint cocoa shake is made with peppermint ice cream, whole milk and chocolate syrup.

“One of the things that makes the holiday season so special is the classic, nostalgic flavors that return each year,” said Jeanne Bolger, director of research and development for Baskin-Robbins. “Peppermint has become a staple flavor that signifies the start of the season at Baskin-Robbins, and we’re excited to bring the scoop back for those guests that have made this ice cream a part of their holiday traditions.”

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