CHICAGO — Hometown Food Co. is giving its Hungry Jack brand a makeover, launching new packaging, a renovated website and reformulated pancake mixes.

As part of the refresh, Hungry Jack’s packaging has been redesigned to feature “a bolder and more modern design that signifies where the brand stands today,” the company said. Meanwhile, the brand’s pancake mixes have been reformulated with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

The company said the updated look and “made without” messaging will appeal to new consumers while retaining fans of the Hungry Jack brand.

“Hungry Jack has been a Sunday staple for 70 years and this brand refresh meets our customers where they are today,” said Dan Anglemyer, chief operations officer at Hungry Jack. “The more modern packaging provides a greater shelf presence and the ‘made without’ product benefits featured prominently will ensure our place at the table for many years to come.”

The Hungry Jack brand was acquired in 2018 as part of Hometown Food Co.’s acquisition of the US baking business of J.M. Smucker Co. Smucker had acquired the Hungry Jack brand as part of its 2004 acquisition of Minneapolis-based International Multifoods Corp.