KANSAS CITY — With 2023 around the corner,  companies are predicting the tastes  and trends that will rule the upcoming year.

Predicted trends for 2023 include consumers who are moving beyond the pandemic and are determined to take control of their health and enhance the health of the planet, all while allowing for comfort, self-care and indulgence. Also included in the new year’s trends are authentic flavors and ingredients from Latin America, said Rebecca Shurhay, marketing analyst at Flavorchem, in a December interview. Flavors like horchata, mangonada, tepache and aguas frescas are moving beyond beverage category, while Mexican dessert-flavors like tres leches, dulce de leche and churros are being applied to non-dessert categories.

Mexican dairy and chorizo producer V&V Supremo Foods, Inc. expanded its line of crema products, adding five flavors inspired by Latin American cuisine.

The flavors include Crema Chihuahua, Crema Mexicana, Crema Mexicana de Casa, Crema Centro Americana and Crema Salvadoreña. The Crema Chihuahua is the crème fraiche of Mexican cremas, with a hint of tanginess. Crema Mexicana is Mexican-style crema agria with “an appealing light golden hue,” while Crema Mexicana de Casa is a Mexican-style crema “with a very slight tang and creamy hue.” Crema Centro Americana comes in the classic Central American style, described as savory, with a “very slight tang” and a touch of salt. And Crema Salvadoreña pays homage to the Salvadoran style, delivering a “savory, dairy-rich” flavor, according to the company.

"With this expansion, our consumers will be able to find more options that cater to their needs," said Gilberto Villaseñor II, the company’s chief visionary officer.

In another branch of the dairy category, companies are responding to consumers who are reaching toward sustainably sourced products or products that carry animal welfare requirements.

The Bel Group and Bel Brands USA launched Nurishh animal-free cream cheese spread. Bel created its Nurishh Incredible Dairy Animal Free Cream Cheese Spread Alternative in collaboration with Perfect Day, Berkeley, Calif., which develops dairy proteins using precision fermentation.

Nurishh is Bel’s first alternative dairy brand. The animal-free cream cheese will be available beginning Jan. 1, 2023, in three flavors: original, strawberry and chive and onion.

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